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    GOE Coffee is committed to the Christian values of justice and fairness. Therefore we ensure the coffee you drink is sustainable and supports the communities that grow it. We buy our coffee from a roastery house that supports and helps fund the growth of ethical coffee plantations across the world, both by encouraging the sharing of best-practice techniques and by paying farmers a fair premium on the sustainable coffee they produce.

    We believe great coffee shouldn’t cost the earth 

    We want to ensure that GOE coffee is environmentally sustainable and does not harm the planet. To this end, our coffee supplier we works alongside farmers to ensure our plantations are operated sustainably, and organically when possible. This is to ensure the sharing of the best-practice techniques – in harvesting, irrigating, fertilising and soil protection – which aims to improve crop yield while reducing production costs. And we work exclusively with our like-minded roaster roastery houses, who reinvest their profits back into supporting local people and projects. 

    We believe in fair trade 

    At GOE we are committed to boosting the production of certified coffee. Where our coffee is Fair Trade, Organic or Rainforest Alliance certified, we choose to invest an additional 5% premium to encourage the communities continued effort towards growing coffee sustainably. However, we also recognise that for many coffee farmers, who are struggling for economic survival, certification is currently out of reach. In these instances, we support the adoption of best practices to produce sustainably grown coffee, and our roastery house pays the farmers a premium on the market price, giving them a platform to achieve full certification. 

    We believe we can help make a difference 

    GOE coffee is a celebration of differences. Different beans, roasts, blends and flavours. But it is also a celebration of togetherness, shared experience and one very precious planet. Our multi-faceted approach to sourcing sustainable coffee offers practical support to coffee farmers across the world. And GOE is also helping people closer to home, through our continued support of Premier Lifeline, the national Christian helpline. Every bag of coffee we sell makes a little bit more difference. So when you next have a cup of GOE coffee, enjoy that nice, warm feeling inside!  

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