Church & Community Group Discounts

At Premier Christian Marketplace, we are committed to supporting and uplifting our faith community. To show our appreciation for the invaluable work carried out by church groups and faith-based community groups, we gladly offer a 10% discount on all orders over £50 all year round.

In addition to this fantastic saving, we ensure that all of our orders are delivered promptly and reliably thanks to our partnership with Royal Mail. We understand how important it is to receive your items in a timely manner, which is why we offer next-day postage on all our orders.

But the benefits of shopping with us extend beyond great savings and speedy delivery. Each purchase made through Premier Christian Marketplace contributes to Premier's ministry, helping us spread the word of Christ and grow our community of supporters. Your purchase helps spread a strong Christian voice far across the UK and brings faith into the heart of daily life and Christ to communities. Every purchase you make will also be supporting Premier Lifeline, the free confidential helpline offering emotional and spiritual support in response to the challenges of life from a Christian perspective.

Being part of this mission not only enriches your own faith journey but also has far-reaching effects that ripple across communities, bringing hope, comfort, and spiritual nourishment where it's needed most. 

If you are part of a church or community group and would like to take advantage of this offer, please email us at:

One of our team members will help you set up your church account and ensure you receive your discount  on all future orders. Depending on what you're looking to purchase, we can also quote for bulk buy discounts!

Thank you for your continued support of Premier Christian Marketplace. Your contribution plays a vital role in helping us spread the true meaning of Christ across the world.