Did It Really Happen? The Birth of Jesus - Online Course

Did It Really Happen? The Birth of Jesus - Online Course

Did It Really Happen? The Birth of Jesus - Online Course

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An apologetics video training course with Ruth Jackson, Professor NT Wright, Dr. Lydia McGrew, Dr. Amy Orr-Ewing and Dr. Darrell L. Bock among others from Premier Unbelievable?


One of the biggest questions debated regularly at this time of year is the accuracy and reliability of the birth narrative of Jesus? How was Jesus really born of ‘a virgin’? Was there really a star that alerted Magi to his birth in Bethlehem? Are the eye-witness accounts trust-worthy? Did it really happen?

In this online course from Premier Unbelievable? on the Birth of Jesus, you’re invited to learn from some of the most celebrated Christian thinkers of our time through their conversations with atheist thinkers, hosted by Ruth Jackson.


Across 9 modules you’ll discover:

· What are the biggest objections to the Birth Narratives of Jesus in the Gospels 

· What evidence is there and what is the historicity for the authorship and dating of the Gospels

· Whether the eyewitness accounts of the Gospels can be trusted

· Whether we can trust the birth narrative accounts found in the Gospels

· Whether we can verify the virgin birth claim and account

· Historical and scientific reasoning for the star and the Magi

· How to approach, make sense of and defend differences in the birth accounts found in the Gospel books of Matthew and Luke 

· How to respond to skeptical objections to the Gospel accounts and in particular the birth narratives of Jesus 

· Why making sense of the Christmas birth narratives matters

Alongside a guide to these top flight conversations, the course includes supplementary video material and lectures delivered by Dr. Lydia McGrew, Professor Darrell Bock, Dr Amy Orr-Ewing and Professor NT Wright among others, designed for you to watch along with questions and assignments that help you ground the various learning points in each module.

Enrol now and learn how to make sense of the Christmas story and the historicity of the Gospel. 

Who this course is for: Christians, atheists, agnostics, skeptics, scientists, philosophers. The course is designed to be understood by anyone from teenagers up.


Cost includes:

2hrs on demand video

Full lifetime access

Access on Mobile and TV


Certificate of completion

9 sections • 15 lectures • 2h length



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