Glory Golf Balls Set of 2

Holy Socks SKU: Gifts and Homeware
Glory Golf Balls Set of 2

Glory Golf Balls Set of 2

Holy Socks SKU: Gifts and Homeware
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If Holy Socks are about the journey we're all on, Glory Golf Balls®  are about the direction we're travelling in, what it is we're seeking on the journey, and what there is to be sought. 
Many golfers have a golf ball type which they prefer over others. For some it's a ball that suits their game and ability. It's fortunate for us that God is not so fussy about those He uses to communicate the gospel.  He's happy to use the willing and the unwilling, those who are aware of God and the unaware; the humble and those who would think of themselves as mighty or even almighty.

Of course in true Holy Socks® style there's a story from a different point of view - sometimes told by the golf ball.

Just for the fun of it - take them to a golf course near you.  They might help you score a "holey in one."

Set of two Pinnacle Rush balls

“Those who seek me diligently find me.” Proverbs 8, 17

“But seek first his kingdom.” Matthew 6, 33

Our very first set of Glory Golf Balls and still popular.

I always feel the “diligently” is a bit of “get out clause” but if we genuinely seek God, we will find him.

Set of two Glory Golf Balls with story rolls in a red presentation tube.

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