How We Learn to be Brave by Mariann Edgar Budde

How We Learn to be Brave by Mariann Edgar Budde

How We Learn to be Brave by Mariann Edgar Budde

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An inspirational guide to the key moments in life that, if navigated with faith and discernment, pave the way for us to become our most courageous selves.

The decisive moments in life are those pivot points when we’re called on to push past our fears and act with strength. With How We Learn to Be Brave, Bishop Mariann Budde teaches us to respond with clarity and grace even in the toughest times. Being brave is not a singular occurrence; it’s a journey that we can choose to undertake every day.

Bishop Budde explores the full range of decisive moments, from the most visible and dramatic (the decision to go), to the internal and personal (the decision to stay), to brave choices made with an eye toward the future (the decision to start), those born of suffering (the decision to accept that which we did not choose), and those that come unexpectedly (the decision to step up to the plate). Drawing on examples ranging from Harry Potter to the Gospel According to Luke, she seamlessly weaves together personal experiences with stories from Scripture, history, and pop culture to underscore both the universality of these moments and the particular call each one of us must heed when they arrive.

How We Learn to Be Brave will provide much-needed fortitude and insight to anyone searching for answers in uncertain times.

Content Benefits:

With Bishop Budde’s wisdom, readers will learn to live and to respond according to their true beliefs and in ways that align with their best selves.

  • Bishop Budde publicly denounced the infamous photo of Trump holding a Bible outside her church in the wake of George Floyd’s murder
  • Blends personal narrative with beautiful storytelling to reveal the courageous power of conviction
  • Understand how bravery is available to all of us, as it is something to be learned
  • Learn how courage is the result of a series of moments, large and small, that add up to a whole, much greater than the sum of its parts
  • Inspires us to recognise ourselves as shapers of our own destinies and writers of our own heroic narratives
  • Emboldens us to have the courage to fully accept and live the lives we’ve been given



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