The Gift Of Kindness by Debbie Duncan & Cathy Le Feuvre

The Gift Of Kindness by Debbie Duncan & Cathy Le Feuvre
The Gift Of Kindness by Debbie Duncan & Cathy Le Feuvre
The Gift Of Kindness by Debbie Duncan & Cathy Le Feuvre

The Gift Of Kindness by Debbie Duncan & Cathy Le Feuvre

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Through biblical teaching and real-life stories, Debbie Duncan and Cathy Le Feuvre show how actively choosing to be kind can radically change people – and perhaps the world.

Acts of kindness have the potential to make the world a happier place. If someone is kind to you it can boost your confidence or increase your happiness.

But kindness cannot be faked. It is much deeper than just ‘being nice’. To have real impact, kindness needs to become a lifestyle choice. We need to actively choose to be kind every day if we want our lives to mirror the qualities of Jesus.

Interweaving biblical and scientific insights with real life stories and pointers for practical life application, Debbie and Cathy explore what kindness really is and how it has the power to transform us and others.

Content Benefits:

Both thought-provoking and practical, The Gift of Kindness encourages us to actively develop a spirit of kindness in our own lives that has the power to bless both ourselves and others. 

  • Explores what kindness is and why it matters
  • Includes teaching on what the Bible and science say about kindness
  • Shares inspiring real-life stories of acts of kindness
  • Each chapter includes a prayer and practical pointers to action
  • Challenges the reader to actively choose to be kind
  • Shows how acts of kindness can radically change our lives and those around us
  • Explores the dynamic nature of kindness modelled by Jesus
  • Issues a challenge to carry on the kind acts that were seen in the pandemic
  • Shows how we can make a difference in the world
  • Suitable for anyone looking to grow in their faith
  • Ideal for anyone who longs to live in a kinder society
  • Perfect for anyone who wants to make a difference in their community


Author bio: DEBBIE DUNCAN is a writer, lecturer in nursing and church leader who lives in Northern Ireland with her husband Malcolm. CATHY LE FEUVRE is a writer, broadcaster and media consultant based in Jersey.


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